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Thread: While Watching Movies

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    ok when i try to watch the movie say 20 min or 40 min the movie frezee and i only can hear the voice no pic.

    this is happend all the time and if i watch movie say badboys 2 and it frezee in min 23 if i play it tomorrow same think it will frezee in 23 min i have to skip 23 to 25 so i can watch it but when i do that i lose 1 min some movie i must skip 5 min to watch it.

    whats the problem i try to use all the players media player , realplayer , winamp
    all the same.

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    remember the exact time. close the player completely and open it up at that certain point. its free movies man, aint shit gonna be perfect.

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    i dont have that problem often i have a lag in audio/video, all i do is hit pause click the spot where it was and play, presto works fine.


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