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    Hey guys

    There is a new tracker that i run.It was born 29.06.08 and it's doing really well.If you want to take a look...

    There are many trackers out there i know but we wanna grow And it's all about sharing!

    We have free leech at the moment so you can build ratio etc.Rules are simple to Just seed what you take for 48 hours.Or to a ratio of 1.1 Hate hit and runners hehe.

    Thanks for reading

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    gl, i dont need another annoying donation hungry site though..

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    We aint donation hungry If you choose to donate then all good but it's not forced on anyone

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    trackerspy BT Rep: +2
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    This is the new, old sceneheaven... and much more?
    I want to be sure before if it's worth building a ratio... thanks
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    ??? no it is'nt

    And stats so far...

    Members: 608/3,500
    Torrents: 360
    Seeders: 494
    Leechers: 46
    Peers: 540
    Threads: 166
    Posts: 1,477
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    Sorry to say but the design is poor.

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    The design is too glittery and over-the-top if you ask me =/

    I am a exsellent speller and I use grammer very good.

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    hey thats fine but the design aint important to me.It's all about sharing.

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    behind the turntables
    -what makes this tracker different to other scene trackers?

    -why should people join?

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    Ok well we have fast releases.Users can upload if they wanna share with no criteria etc.And it's a nice fun place to be.Thats if you aint shy hehe.Also if you like a small tracker you got it.

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