ok this is my review on the site Tzulo ....http://tzulo.com/ and at the moment the site is being remodeled so if you would like to order right now they told me to use this site....http://www.tzulo.com/index.html.oldcurrent

ok lets get started first i ordered the medium package for 35$ i get 20gb hdd and 1500b/w which is plenty for me

i got the setup information within 4 hours but how quickly you get the information depends on what time of day you order your box, but they say theyll have it set up within 24hours

after i got my information i went to the hypervm address they gave me and i can chose which os i would like on the box. the os that comes preinstalled on the box is fedora core 6, but you can chose from these CentOS4,5, FC 5,6 Debian, OpenSuse10. If you would like to change your os its simple all you have to do is go to hyper vm and go to rebuildvps and you can chose which os you want and it takes like 2 min for it to reinstall everything.

now for the speeds i set up webui on my box and the top speed ive ever got on my tzulo vps is 15.7mbps and up at 6mbs but the average down i get is 9mbs and up is 2 to 3 mbs

now for customer support
the customer support is super fast. the other day i accidetly messed my box up by using a wrong command and i tried to restart it and it wouldnt so i contacted the support and they had it back up to normal in less than 30min.

i give a 8/10 rating for this company they are amazing and good people get this box if your looking for a vps