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Thread: is money scammer

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    It is not a popular torrentflux service,maybe most of you do not know about them but I have to say that they stole my money like they did the other 20 custmers.Let me tell the story:

    At first I read a review at FSF about them,and they seemed professional.And I wanted to try their service.At the beginning everything is quite alright.But later the server had encountered several errors and finally they closed the server.And they send us an e-mail,they claimed to give FULL REFUND.And I said ok and waited 1 week for a refund.But they did not do anything even did not replied my e-mails.Finally I made a DISPUTE at paypal and wanted my money back but I could not succeded because paypal could not get money :there are no funds at their bank account.

    As you can see, all are real and I urge you to stay away from them.Go for Ovh,leaseweb or some other proffesional and trusted services.

    I wish you are reading these words Jon Mercer(a guy at there)
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    i had nothing but an excellent service from these guys. shame for you really.

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    huh,do you need proofs?I can proove that.At first their service was good but after the server down,they did not give money back.

    I am suspicious that you are Jon Mercer


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