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Thread: Gta3 need some help

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    i just donwloaded gta3, but after installing, when i want to start the game it says that i needs the disk 2. what can i do??? are there any cracks for the disk 2????

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    u need disk 2 to play there's 2 disk of the game so u need disk 2 to play

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    but i have the two disks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    you stick the disk 2 in when it asks

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    You need to use the patch it is out there, but it still requires the CD after installed.

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    where's the patch???

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    how can i make the radio work?? i have the two diks but when i start the game it asks me for the disc two, so i have put the audio files in the disc 2 in the gta3 folder (harddisc) but the radio still doesn't work!!!
    pleasee help

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    is it a rip or the full version that u paid for (fool).

    if ur after music pull all ur mp3s in to the mp3 folder in gta3 folder.
    dl all the tracks from the gta3 or gta vice city radio from kazaa (they are out ther) and put thoes in the mp3 folder.

    is ur sound turned on, on ur speakers and in the game settings

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    but i have the game and i dont need a nocd patch

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    still doesn't work

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