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Thread: Dvd Burner Question?

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    I have been downloading movies for a few months now and I thank all of you that helped me out when I needed it. It seems that there are no longer a strong supply of sources for any of the current movies out there. Enter my question:

    A friend of mine just got a compaq computer with a DVD burner. What can I do with this? (daaa burn DVDS) Her computer does not have any files on it so transferring them could be a long pain in the ass process.

    With the right program can I take a DVD I own and copy it in a similar fashion that we do with music Cd's and a CD burner drive?

    If I can, what is the best program? How hard is it? and what is the rate of success for playback on non computer DVD players?

    If I can't do this... is there a way I can use this device to get movies to my friends in the army in Iraq?

    Thanks for any help

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    Programs for copying a DVD:

    - DVD Shrink
    - DVD x Copy
    - DVD2DVDR

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    yeah, i've done it a few times. have a look at and there's full tutorials on how to do it. it is a fairly easy process, however it can take a long time, such as if the dvd is realy long, and has to be compressed, then it takes time to compress,and then time to check, then to burn, one i did last night was processing for about two hours

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    Yeah, look at Dvdr-help. You will find everything there you need to know. Also you can try using CloneDVD, from the makers of CloneCD. That ought to be a really good program.

    Greetz, D!mensio_x.

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    Copying DVDs can be done, but in most cases, the finished product is too big to fit on DVD-R. You'll need to strip the extras, or compress the video, a choice you will have to make yourself. Either way, it can surely be done, but its not nearly as easy as copying a CD. DVDs are copy protected and authored in a special format, so it becomes a really long process. I can do an entire disk to disk copy in about 2 hours, with my Pentium 4 computer. I wouldn't even try attempting this on anything less than a p4. Trust me, you want speed for this shit.
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