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Thread: What should I do if I choose my OS as windows 2003 web E.

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    Hi, I recently bought dedicated server.
    I didn't know much of linux, so I choose windows.
    However, I wasn't able to create FTP connection so I could transfer files from my desktop.
    I tried Filezilla server, apparently, this was only for local(home) ftp server.
    If I have chosen linux, I would just had to install vsftpd. Since it's not the case, I'm not sure what can I do to connect it on ftp to mine.
    Is there anyone who also faced the came problem when you bought
    your seed box? Please, share me some knowledge

    Oh, it worked when I used winftp. For those who have trouble, try using it.
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    When you used Filezilla FTP Server, did you open the right ports in the Windows Firewall?
    It's not all software that have the ability to change your firewall rules (even without your agreement).

    Last month, I helped someone to set up an OVH box and noticed that about Filezilla FTP Server.

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    Winftp = FTPRush?

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    I just use the builtin IIS 6.0 ftp server. it does not have encryption. But it is pretty fast (atleast for my purposes currently).

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    according your post I can assume that:
    >However, I wasn't able to create FTP connection so I could transfer files from my desktop.

    You need to configure windows ftp to use it,
    if you do install other ftp server you need to remove first windows ftp or use some different port, not default 21/22

    try to see some step by step tutorial

    your provider should have some, who is your provider?
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