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Thread: Gamepad Recommendation For

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    I just got Madden 2004 and it says it recommends a 10 button dual analog (dual analog for the playmaker option) gamepad. since i only have this cheesy 4 button gamepad, im going to get a new one.

    I have read some reviews but they are all mixed. some say their pad works great with madden , others say the same pad does not. Any suggestions for one that works good with XP and with Madden.?

    Im considering the Saitek Dual Analog Gamepad but it also gets mixed reviews

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    Get a super PS Joy adapter, and adapter that let u use a playstation controler on your PC. (Xp will install its own drivers that work despite the sites waying that they will not) It does not work on alot of games (older) but all new ones that I have played recently do support it. (midnight club, MGS2, madden 2004, and others) I am happy with it.

    Got mine for 15 canadian, plus 30 sum for the PS controller if you do not have one I guess.


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