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Thread: How To Unshare The "shared Folder"

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    I review my downloads and put the goodd ones away to share and delete the garbage. Since, it seems, I can't prevent sharing my shared folder some people download the file before I review it and there is so much trash sometimes it get downloaded. How can I unshare my shared folder or direct people only to my good movies. I never have luck getting an answer thru the forum so my email is

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    why not create a new folder outside both your default shared folder, and the folder you share good items from.
    then move any finished downloads from the default shared folder to the third folder, review them from there and then take whatever action you see fit
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    Originally posted by Davidwed@16 August 2003 - 20:45
    How can I unshare my shared folder
    You Can&#39;t that I know of.

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    If you change your shared folder and move all the incomplete DAT files into it -- but KEEP the old shared folder on your hard drive (although it should be empty)...

    THEN all your old downloads, when they finish, will be moved to the old shared folder -- which presumeably won&#39;t be shared.


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