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Thread: Disappearing Files...?

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    Twice now I have found that files that I thought had completed, as they had gone from the download list and they were nearly done when I had left them, have just disappeared as there is no trace of them in my shared folder. It has happened on separate occasions and they were both 600mb+ downloads (Jurassic Park 3 and Nighmare on Elm Street).
    Does anyone know why this has happened, how to fix it or had this problem themsleves? Help me find my downloads!

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    are you running win xp if so it is prob due to your machine crashing and then restoring

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    No, its not that... you download the movies... its done... you go to the folder and its not there... its like wtf... I dunno... maybe it gets cancled by itself... i just have when im downloading somehting... my comp freezes... reboot and my traffic is empty

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    I run windows 98 :S and also I didnt reboot either I had just left it for leik 7 hours

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    Im not a MAd and i dont post really, but Kant anyone post in the right area.
    It's really not that hard, and it makes life easier for lots o ppl Im sure!


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