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Thread: Will trade Waffles or TL invite for RevTT

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    Trade complete - no more offers please
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    I know U can CHOOSE to do what U want [ Trade or Not]

    Looking at your Signature and your "aspiration or desire" to acquire thiose High end Trackers, this kind of a Post to trade, will come back and Bite U in the A$$ later on......
    All those High End Trackers,that u WANT in your Signature HATES POTENTIAL Members that TRADE.......

    Just to let U know.....patience & good relations with others are the keys to getting those Trackers.....just my 2 cents worth, take it for what is worth !!...GL
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  3. BitTorrent Invite Giveaways & Trades   -   #3
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    you dont have to trade to get revtt, just show that you are a good member than u are in... have 1 invite left, might help you out for free just post some ratios and so forth with todays date, and you might get it easily. Also for scl, i can say, dont look at its level, i have been there, and i didnt like it at all there even though site design rock, nothing much there i am guessing it is a quality-oriented tracker which has no quantity...For others, you can get them easily if u have friends except its and fsc, ftn is really easy to get, not much effort is required just have a couple of friends and they can invite you there easily...
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