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Thread: REQ - Invitation to good lossless classical music trackers

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    I'm looking for accounts in good classical/choral music trackers or ones with good classical music collection, preferably trackers with hard to find music.

    I have a good ratio @ major trackers.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I hope you mean your looking for an invite. Good luck!

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    I suggest only posting requests for trackers that exist.

    Do some research before you ask.

    If you don't care whether it's lossless or not, go for

    I also hope you mean invites....
    o hai

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    ^^^ a friend of mine got, they aint got what i'm looking for

    can anyone tell how good is Pedro's and E**** compared to classical/choral stuff on or demonoid ?.

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    Demonoid has a lot of classical....LOL

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    There is around 900 torrents in FLAC on Pedro's. Any specific artist/s that you are looking for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enlightened View Post
    Demonoid has a lot of classical....LOL
    LOL ? hello ?. at the mo, they've got 2300 lossless classical torrents seeded 'n tracked by demonoid excluding external ones.

    Quote Originally Posted by Frozen Night
    Any specific artist/s that you are looking for?
    Yep, Don Dorsey - Bachbusters and St. Philips boyschoir/aka Libera.
    Do check e x igo as well.
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    I heard somewhere you can donate for invite at one of the music trackers.
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