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Thread: The Future of HD

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    OKej i want to suprize our member here. The future is HD blueray etc.
    So we have decide to open a new torrentsite called Hdtransmission and link is: , the site is not up yet couse we are working with the design, we are starting to do the rules and we need help from ya.
    We want this site to grow so we started the userlimit: 10000 Users.
    We need your help to grow the site, join our irc and have a talk with us and tell us what rules the site should have. We WILL listen to you just to make this site liked. The design will be done like 1week then we will lunch it. Give us some advice..

    This can be the future

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    My suggestion is to make sure you have all the holes plugged up that are on the different bt sources. A secure site should be the first thing most users would want.

    Site design is good too but I bring up that you should make sure your source is properly patched because with sites being hacked in the past and userlists and passwords put out on the net for everyone to see and other type of mishaps.

    Best of luck on your knew site.

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    DKre8ive1, When we did start this site the first thing we did think of was the security and we did double check the source. We are using tbdev but from scratch, we did change everything and checked everything when we coded. What i can say is Code=Perfect. We got many mods to keep the future secure. We have worked with this source 30 weeks and we did beta test it and right now we have no error.

    Feel free to join our own irc server

    Channel: #hdtransmission
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    ok i jst entered the channel.... how come theres noone there?
    Wish u take up the thing for real. 2 Big things ur gonna need is:
    a) Source, b) Time

    The Chase is Better than the Catch

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    U need to do /server then /j #hdtransmission

    Okej lets tell you some information about the server we are going to use and tell us what you think and what we should change.

    CPU: Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q9450 @, 2.67 GHz
    Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT (1680x1050x32bpp 59Hz)
    Sound: Realtek HD Audio output
    Memory: 4096 MB
    HD: 1630.15 GB
    Connection: PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC

    We have 1gbite line @ server.
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    Is this going to be internal encodes or scene releases?

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    Conjur, u guys can upload everything you want but ill just upload scene
    so the answar is, scene and noscene

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    well your server is more than enough for 10,000 users, but if your paying a fortune for the gbite line, get rid of it.

    we only have 10MBs dedicated for 55,000 members and we dont even reach half of that.

    im not sure why have have a gfx card in there though, sounds more like a home PC than a server to me.

    and the HDD space as well, way OTT, unless of course your going to seed off it. which i have to tell you is a very big No No. tracker on 1 server, seedbox another, not both on the same one, your just asking for trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stoi View Post
    im not sure why have have a gfx card in there though, sounds more like a home PC than a server to me.
    Yeah, I was wondering that.

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    this server i have built it myself, and the server is @ my home with 1gbite line that costs like nothing

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