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Thread: downloading on irc

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    i'm an irc n00b but interested in infiltrating private distros and i dunno where to go to find people who would invite me. is there anything i would need to offer in order to get access? what channels should i go to to meet people who would be in the position to invite me, and what does getting invited entail? i'm currently leeching from private trackers, but i'll be moving soon and won't be in the position to seed for extended periods of time; leeching from irc will be more convenient than torrents so i'd like to make the transition. any help would be appreciated.

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    you should use rapidshare.

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    You're a couple years late mate. ^^

    Usenet and even torrents have gotten more and more popular (up to recent) and left irc downloading almost in the dust.

    With no wait times from Usenet, torrents, RS or MU with a premium account, makes me wonder why you'd even want to download from irc.

    The speeds will be better, no waits, better content, ect.

    I saw that you said that you won't be able to seed .. again why I stress Usenet or Rapidshare (or Megaupload)

    If you need help getting started with either let me know.
    Don't PM me for invites.

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    irc sucks for downloading


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