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Thread: For 3rd Gen Noob

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    At Christmas time there was a man, who looked so out of place.
    As people rushed about him, at a hurried sort
    of pace...

    He stared at all the Christmas lights,
    the tinsel everywhere.
    The shopping center Santa Claus with children gathered near.....

    The mall was packed with shoppers,
    who were going to and fro.
    Some with smiles, some with frowns,
    and some too tired to go.

    They rested on benches,
    or they hurried on their way.
    To fight the crowds for purchases,
    to carry home that day.

    The music from the stereo,
    was playing loud and clear.
    Of Santa Claus and snowmen,
    and funny nosed reindeer.

    He heard the people talk about,
    the good times on the way.
    Of parties, fun and food galore,
    and gift exchange that day.

    I'd like to know what's going on,
    the man was heard to say.
    There seems to be some sort
    of celebration on the way.

    And would you tell me who this is,
    all dressed in red and white.
    And why are children asking "him"
    about a special night?

    The answer came in disbelief,
    I can't believe my ear.
    I can't believe you do not know,
    that Christmas time is here.

    The time when Santa comes around,
    with gifts for girls and boys.
    When they are asleep on Christmas Eve, he
    leaves them books and toys.

    The man you see in red and white,
    is Santa Claus so sly.
    The children love his joyful laugh,
    and twinkle in his eye.

    His gift packed sleigh is pulled along,
    by very small reindeer.
    As he flies quickly through the air,
    while darting here and there.

    The children learn of Santa Claus,
    while they are still quite small.
    When Christmas comes "he" is the most,
    "important" one of all.

    The stranger hung His head in shame, He
    closed a nail pierced hand.
    His body shook in disbelief,
    He did not understand.

    A shadow crossed His stricken face,
    His voice was low but clear.
    "After all these years they still don't

    And JESUS shed a tear.

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    Says a lot, doesn't it?

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    Excellent post Neverose. I'll have to e-mail that one to my daughter.

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    this is a very powerful poem, thanks for taking the time to post it

    at the risk of souding like an old scrooge, this poem perfectly sums up what is 'wrong' about a large proportion of the public's views about Christmas
    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>BLAH</span>

    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Wayne Rooney - A thug and a thief</span>

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    I saw a stanger yestereen;

    I put food in the eating place,

    Drink in the drinking place,

    Music in the listening place,

    And in the sacred names of the Triune

    He blessed me and my house,

    My cattle and my dear ones.

    And the lark said in her song:

    Often, often, often,

    Goes the Christ in the stranger&#39;s guise:

    Often, often, often,

    Goes the Christ in the strangers guise.

    : Gaelic

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    wow, these are positive posts&#33; It&#39;s so great when there is peace on the board. B)

    sending fiery missiles in manker's japan's general direction.

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    It is so true that this is what Christmas has turned into. It is more about getting that hyped gift or that new tool or that better TV, ect. I am a firm athiest, but know the difference between a true believer and doppleganger.


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