hi dear FST members
looking forward to kind member here who can invite me to PTN
*why i want to join ptn?
Because it a rapidly growing tracker that has NO ratio system and specialized in xvid releases mainly of movies and TV releases
i know that it also has a great community ,that`s all i need in tracker:
1.NO ratio
2.good releases with high speed
3.the great community

*why do deserve to be member there?
i`m a good user at all my trackers.
i`m not trader
i`m a great lover of movies and TV
i`m a member of Tl,iPLAY,RevTT,TTi,Scc,Scl,Waffles,What.cd,KG,Tranceroute,IPWN

if anyone interested to invite me there,i`ll pm u profile links and speed tests