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Thread: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4

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    i really want to play it, i get it for my ps2 but as a teenager you cant expect me to accualy save up well if anyone gets it or knows where to get it id appriciate it!

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    I'm a teenager. What's wrong with saving up money to get something?

    Anyways, I don't think the PC version of the game is out yet. If you want to play it really bad, get the Ps2 rip of THPS4 and play it on your PS2, if you have a modchip. If you don't have a modchip, get the PSX iso of the game, then play it on a PSX emulator.

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    im also a teenager lol, im not sure if TH4 is out but there is a demo version of the college level, which is apparently the best level according to my friend with a PS2.

    I got the demo and it requires a pretty good video card/computer.

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    eDonkey/eMule always have new releases the same day they are released to the public. sometimes before

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    Im a fan of the series and I check Suprnova torrents every day, no sign as yet, although the demo's out as kooky_kramer mentioned

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    it on
    might have trouble dl it now, cuz sites messed up. but u need to know how to use bittorrent. there's a few threads all over the forum

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    yo its a ripped at dredworks and if you go to the addons section you can get the music and intros so its the full game.

    If someone gets it tell me how it turns out
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