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Thread: Annoying PMs

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    Ok here is the thing. I helped one of the fst member with supposedly high level invite. It has put my PM Box under assault and i keep getting pms from all sort of members asking for invites.

    Is there any way i can escape this situation. I know i can disable PMs but i don't want to do it. Do i just have to keep ignoring those pms or is there something can be done against it?

    Its just darn annoying to login into fst and only to be welcome by so many useless pms.

    Anyone of you experiencing same problem?

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    It happens to me too. You could report them in the report section..

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    I agree as well! Had happened to me once and I got a few of those pms... Really annoyning I agree! Report them asap I would say!
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    Maybe edit the post in which you helped someone. A few are inevitable. But with only 12 posts, it is clearly one or two threads that are attracting the moths to the flame.

    I just don't reply unless they seem nice.

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    i never get those pms. it happened a few times when i was new here. don't know why. i guess i'm lucky. people spare me.

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    Just got one this Morning, it is clearly stated in the Sticky:
    NOT To Approach OR Solicit Anyone For Invites Through PM's
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    I've been getting them the past few weeks as well, which is strange because when I help people on here I tend to do it through pm and without fanfare or rep points.

    Sometimes i just ignore them, other times I just respond with f*$# you and then if they respond i keep replying with those same two words.. kinda fun actually.

    I would never give an invite to a random person pm'ing. If you want something, make a request thread and be honest, you'll get what you *need*

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    Its an unwritten rule (or maybe even written)... Dunno how to respond u dude maybe this thread will help u out... Besides I remember Ive seen ur username somewhere else... dont remember where though...

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    i havent gotten any, maybe it's my Sig though

    Edit: I do have an old email that gets slammed with demonoid invite requests though
    DO NOT PM me 4 invites thanks

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    Anyway i get those messages 2... but i am not against them, or i dont answer with f... you or whatever, it is up to me to decide whether someone shall get it or not, the more they push, the more you hold into your invites...After all, this site is called
    Well also what is wrong with pm? Most of the people pming me are the ones i helped before. Who is to say i wont again? I think it is completely understandable. What is wrong is to request an invite via pm all the time, since it would be unfair to others. But are we fair at all? There is always someone who loses his chance to get into a tracker when you gave someone else access to the site. So i think it just shows how much they want to get into that tracker. This is all
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