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Thread: poweruser seeking invite

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    I am a poweruser over at and I was just wondering if anyone from waffles also had a invite they could throw my way, or if there are any users here that want to trade. If you are already a waffles user, I can send a pm to you there to prove that i am a power user with great ratio. Thanks to anyone who can help out!

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    don't they give invites in waffles power user forum?

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    Not anymore from what I can see. I know they used to but I haven't seen anyone offering in a few weeks. That post is gone for some reason...

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    Indeed there are no more what invites in the waffles pu forum neither any waffles invite in the what invite forum!
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    So U want 2 trade ur waffles power user account for invite????

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    I will trade a waffles invite for a invite sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by solomon68 View Post
    I will trade a waffles invite for a invite sure
    You might have had one coming before that....
    DO NOT PM me 4 invites thanks

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    No he asked if you'll give the account.

    And I think he origianally said that he was PU at waffles so that he could show that he's a good user. Now that you did offer to trade, however, your chances just dropped loads.

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    solomon send me ur username in waffle on pm...

    by the way i am not trading anything, i just wanted to help the guy
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