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Thread: Getting To Search And Traffic While Kl Is Offline

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    This has been mentioned before in another section of this forum (by Aldo), but I will put it here anyway. If you want to go to Search and/or Traffic windows while your Kazaa Lite is disconnected or offline, then you can press the Ctrl+Tab keys together as many times as you need for you to get to whichever window (only works if your Search and/or Traffic windows have been "created", i.e. clicked on at least once since you have opened KL, as this little bug/trick works on navigating through created child windows, not only the Search and Traffic, but also Web, My Kazaa Lite K++ and Theater, but those are not important as you can get to them while offline).

    The easiest way to have your windows created already during startup is using KL Extensions (only works if you have turned it on), by clicking on the Options menu within KL, KL Extensions Options..., Interface on the left menu, then at the At startup: section, there is a checkbox that says Force Search and Traffic window creation - Then go to:, you must check this box for this to work (and then you can choose whichever starting window you like so it would work as normal), and then click the Apply button. After that you can use the key combination of Ctrl+Tab to get to Search/Traffic windows while offline!!! (Too bad you can't get to the Tools button while offline, but you can still get to the Tools menu - between Actions and Help.)

    P.S. You can also use Kazaa GUI Hacker to view those windows offline:

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    Didn't know that thanks.

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    that is interesting - thanks

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    ty but already knew tht

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    nice tip

    proud to be american

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    thanks its a good tip


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