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Thread: Freddy And Jason And Chucky And The Leprachaun

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    Can someone who is really really into horror filmes and knows a lot about them write a guide to them? I know this will probably take a long time so thaz why im askin gthe whole forum to contribute. Why am i not doing it? Well first didn't watch ANY of their movies. 2nd Dun have ANY of their movies. 3rd 2 lazy to d/l

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    sure just bare with me

    Michael Myers from Halloween

    Thorn is the third rune in a group of 33. Thorn is also known as Thurisaz. This ruin appears every 1,000 years. It is a constellation in the stars which appears on October 31st, Halloween. It is also on Michael's wrist.

    To the ancient Druids, Thorn represented a demon. This demon spread sickness which killed thousands of people and killed crops. The Druids also believed that one child from each tribe was chosen to be inflicted with the curse of Thorn. This child had to kill their whole family to spare thousands more.

    The Latin alphabet was adopted by Christians and only two runes survived: The Wynn, and the Thorn. Dr. Wynn also has the curse!.

    The rune is not just evil, it can be good also. It all depends on which way the triangle is facing.

    The Thorn can also double the size of any animal. It could increase weight by 4 times and can also gain 50% more strength. This could explain why Michael isn't affected by bullets or anything else that would hurt a normal person. This could also explain why Michael got bigger between parts 5 and 6 (Not counting the fact that the actor, George Wilbur, gained weight.). This could also explain why Michael can't be killed.

    Freddy Krueger Time Line

    October 1922: Amanda Krueger is born in Westin Hills hospital in Springwood, Ohio.

    July 1940: At the tender age of 18, Amanda decides to devote her life to God and becomes a nun. Her name in Christ was to be known as "Sister Mary Helena." Her first assignment as a nun is to, ironically, the place she was born, Westin Hills. She is put in "The Tower", which was the insider nickname for the place where the absolute worst of the criminally insane were locked up like animals.

    December 1941: During the holiday season, just a few days shy of Christmas, Amanda Krueger was accidently locked in "The Tower" when the guards were in a hurry to go home to their families. The inmates kept her hidden for several days, brutally raping and beating her. When she was finally found, she was barely alive, and pregnant.

    September 1942: After a breech birth, Fred Charles Krueger is born. Amanda decides to raise the boy, and the convent allows her to stay on as a nun.

    July 1952 to December 1952: Freddy (as his mother called him) began to display eccentric and even sociopathic tendencies, such as playing alone and hurting small animals.

    January 1953: At the tender age of 11, Freddy becomes a ward of the state after slicing his mother's leg with a kitchen knife.

    1953 to 1960: Freddy bounces from Foster home to Foster home as he goes through grade school. He quickly becomes the other children's scapegoat. Two particularly horrible bullies where Walter Lantz and Douglas Parker.

    March 1960: At the age of 17, Freddy is sent back to live with his mother to try and help the boy. Freddy is already showing homocidal tendencies, including killing dogs and cats. He also finds his first ever beat up fedora outside of a grocery store.

    April 1961: Freddy is released from his mother's care after he rapes and beats her.

    June 1961: Freddy is sent to live with a drunk old farmer on the outskirts of Springwood after dropping out from Springwood High School.

    August 1961: After developing a taste for self-mutilation with his straight razor, Freddy murders the farmer, who as it turned out was abusive. Due to the fact he was under the age of 18 by roughly one month, he wasn't tried for murder.

    October 1961: Freddy goes to work as a janitor at Springwood High. He also meets and begins to court Loretta Johnson, a waitress at a nearby diner.

    January 1963: Freddy Krueger marries Loretta Johnson

    January 1963 to June 1966: Freddy lives a double life at the time, playing family man with Loretta and maltreating and raping prostitutes.

    June 1966: Katherine Krueger is born.

    July 1966 to July 1967: Freddy tries to reform and actually succeeds to a small degree, commiting no really heinous acts during this time.

    July 1967 to September 1971: Freddy begins to systematically slaughter all the children of Springwood. Among those that lose their children are several of Freddy's classmates from school that teased him horribly. He manages to hide his secret from his wife and daughter by keeping his instruments of destruction hidden and locked up in the basement.

    September 1971: Loretta accidently uncovers what is going on in the basement. Freddy strangles her to death. Katherine witnesses the murder and tells someone. Katherine is taken to an adoption home and Freddy flees the law.

    September 1971 to September 1974: Freddy kills at least 10 more children, hiding in his ice cream truck and at a local power plant. It is estimated that "The Springwood Slasher", as the papers dubbed Freddy, has killed at least 20 to 30 children.

    September 1974: Lt. Donald Thompson collars Freddy Krueger just as Krueger was about to murder 5 year old Kevin Marks. Thompson had an arrest warrant for Krueger.

    October 1974: After sitting in a holding cell for a month, Freddy goes to trial. During the trial, it is revealed that the arrest warrant for Freddy was not signed in the proper place. Due to this technicality, Freddy is released. The parents swore revenge. That night, a mob of angry parents including Lt. Thompson and his wife Marge, Richard Lane and his wife, Walter Lantz, and Doug Parker, among others, collar Freddy in his boiler room and burn him to death. Also dying around this time was Amanda Krueger. After hearing about what happened in the trial, she lost her mind and hung herself allegedly, but no body was ever found.

    October 1974 to October 1984: 10 years pass by without anything happening, all is quiet and the mob's children grow into teenagers.

    October 1984: Never Sleep Again...


    Jason Voorhees

    Jason Voorhees began life as a mentally retarded child who drowned at Camp Crystal lake in the 50's when two counselors charged with his welfare became too occupied with their carnal lusts to watch out for Jason. Jason's mother Pamela committed the first series of brutal murders at Crystal lake, and also would later go on to slaughter another group of counselors years later when the camp was finally re-opened. Pamela was soon decapitated by the last of the counselors. As for Jason's father? Rumors abound. Some say he was a Warlock, others say he simply left Pamela after Jason's birth. The truth may never be known.
    Jason, however, did not die. After his Mother's death, Jason awoke to slay approxamately 35 people in the areas surrounding Crystal Lake in the days immediately following his return. Jason was apparently killed at last by a young boy named Tommy Jarvis, but it didn't end there. The horror of his deeds was so complete, the town would go on to change its name to Forest Green ( However, the name would later revert back to Crystal Lake.). Tommy Jarvis eventually grew up, and after years of institutional care ( years which were interrupted by an incident involving an unhinged copycat killer, murdering 22 people in Jason's guise.) he escaped with the intention of burning Jason's remains. However, Tommy succeeded only in awakening the slumbering killer. Tommy finally managed to sink Jason into Crystal Lake, where Jason once again became catatonic. Afterwards, Tommy Jarvis fled with his girlfriend to parts unknown, never to return.

    Later, the threat of Jason would once again become all too real after an incident in New York City. In the aftermath, the FBI would become involved and would soon afterwards feild a sting operation designed to end Jason's threat. The sting was successful, or so it seemed, and Jason was blown to smithereens. However, it was afterwards that the true nature of Jason would be revealed. Jason was actually a demonic creature who wore bodies like we wear clothes. A score of deaths later, Jason is finally sent to hell itself by another Voorhees, finally ending the threat of his evil.


    The story started in 1988…when the "Lake Shore Strangler" Charles Lee Ray the psychotic killer who had terrorised the Chicago area for months was in a chase with the cops, this chase led him into a toy store where he was eventually gunned down by a detective (played by Chris Surrandon).

    As he was lay dying he recited an ancient voodoo incantation to transfer his soul into the nearest body he could find. It happened to be a toy doll! The doll in question was a "Good Guy" doll, which was the best selling toy of the year. As this happens a freak lightning storm is conjured up which strikes the toy store and burns it to the ground.

    Later, a street peddler steals one of the dolls from the burnt out shell and sells it to Karen Barclay who buys it as a present for her son Andy who had been pestering her to buy him a Good Guy doll for weeks. She is forced to buy from a street peddler because that is the only way she is going to afford to buy the hottest toy on the market.

    Everything seems fine with the doll to start with but after a while Andy starts saying to his mother that the doll is communicating with him. Andy's mother just laughs this off as the doll can speak anyway with the batteries in it, but when he speaks without the batteries she has a big surprise!

    Chucky gets Andy to do favors for him, like carrying him into the living room so he can see the toy-store explosion on the late news on TV. Chucky talks to Andy to try to find a way to get himself out of the Good Guy Doll, but certain twists get in the way. The black magician he learned voodoo from reveals to him that the only way to break the curse is to take over the body of the first person he told he was inside the doll, that person being Andy.

    Soon enough, Chucky is killing people either for revenge or just because he damn well feels like it, and people are discovering that Chucky isn't just a kid's doll one by one. He starts his killing spree by seeing off Andy's babysitter with a claw hammer and then proceeds to throw her out of the 5th floor window of their apartment! This is to be the start of a reign of terror that has lasted right up to the present day with "Bride of Chucky".

    So watch out just when you think Chucky's gone he might just be coming back!

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    I'm pretty sure Universal Studios are not bringing Chucky back AGAIN. There wouldn't be no point to it.

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    I'm pretty sure Universal Studios are not bringing Chucky back AGAIN. There wouldn't be no point to it
    The script has bin dun, the new Chucky is called sumthing like the seed of Chucky all about his new baby... pretty stupid

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    Originally posted by MetroStars@17 August 2003 - 13:47
    I'm pretty sure Universal Studios are not bringing Chucky back AGAIN. There wouldn't be no point to it
    The script has bin dun, the new Chucky is called sumthing like the seed of Chucky all about his new baby... pretty stupid
    There was talk about "Seed of chucky" a long time ago. There isn't no script and it's not being made and it never will be. Plus to make matters worse the president of Universal isn't fond of horror movies!

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    CHILDS PLAY 5 might live on after all! Mancini's "Seed of Chucky" has left Universal and looking for a new home!

    'Kenny' did some snooping about at Universal Studios to get the lowdown on any future "Child's Play" films. He was again told that Universal would never be doing a 'Childs Play' film ever again, but also "(post-production there) told me that she wished 'seed of chucky' was going to happen.One, it would never film in orlando......Two the cleaner who say's he saw a sign for production of seed of chucky was dead wrong. They have an attracion wich deals with that and no chucky promos....

    Universal says, "Mr Mancini is trying to have another studio buy the rights for childs play...Universal said there will never be another Child Play.....They believe its a worn out franchise..."

    At least some good news that final bit..Mancini is shopping around for a distributor to take his "Seed of Chucky".

    Kenny discovered they're looking at doing another "Jaws", which troubles him, because 'Chucky' would be about the equivalent in 'worn out material'.

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    well Universal is right the series is worn out. I wouldn't be surprised if New Line Cinema buys it out.

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    Thank for the interesting read metro...

    and i'll still watch childs play 5 if it comes out...i can never say no to chucky

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    Wow, nice job Metro! I was kinda wondering about certain series myself, especially Halloween since I never had the opportunity to see it.

    Many thanks. B)

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    wow very nice guide hopefully this will get big enuff to get stickied

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