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Thread: Help Plz :)

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    Hi, i'am a noob

    i'am trying to burn a Etm on cd's using NERO,
    but can someone guide me through it plz, i just need to know when and where to put the bin and cue into the cd / do i extract to the hard drive it first? or do i just place it on the cd or do i extract it straight to the cd?

    thanks, your help will be much appreciated .

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    None of the above. there is a guide for how to burn bin with nero located Here

    It is not that great and I do not suggest using nero anyhow. For a guide on other methods see the link in my sig.

    Also welcome to the board, and please try and post in correct sections

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    Damn sorry for posting in the wrong section, but thank you very much for help me out


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