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Thread: Need Help - Disabled on Bitme

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    I screwed up while logging in on Bitme and was disabled. I need some help in regaining access to my account. BTW: I have not been hitting and running.


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    Let me see if I understood, you have failed all your loggin tries and you got disabled? Was that?

    If yes, go to their IRC and ask for help there.

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    Yes I failed on login tried - I entered incorrect challenge text. Now I am in a bit of a pickle here as I found their IRC info but I have never used IRC before so I have no idea how to connect with it and then contact them.
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    You sure that you aren't just locked out for a while?

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    Just tried again. acct stil disabled. I got a passkey error message just prior to start of the problem. Now all of my torrents show "failure: unknown passkey" eror messages

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    go to their help site..they're really nice people

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    Though i am banned for false accusation, at least they hear you out even though this doesnt change their minds, paying heed to the words of some is the most expected irc attitude in my opinion. They have it, some dont. This is why, i would say they are really cool.

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    All has been resolved - it was really caused by my screw up - thanks for all your help. Another positive - I finally learned how to use irc.

    Thanks again

    Please close

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    This tracker really sucks, though I had parked my acc as I was traveling, they disabled it....don't know.......why then they created such a damn option.....

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    so stop by their irc and ask for it to be re-enabled, they do that all the time for account disabled because of inactivity. their faq even says that parked account may still be disabled, if not used for 2+ months. additionally, anybody who parks an account right after joining is likely to be banned, since that's what account traders and sellers usually do.

    just go to irc and ask, Napalm.
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