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Thread: Seeding Problem On Bittorrent

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    Whenever I seed a torrent I can appearently only upload to 1/5 people... 8 people want the file and im not connected to any of them, in the tracker it says my IP is the IP of my proxy which is disabled This is a leechers dream but I WANT TO SHARE so how can I fix this?

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    im tired so this might not make a lot of sense,

    what client are you using for a start and are you using the superseeding option?

    if i have a file that is say 1gig in size, it is best to upload it to as few people as possible, this way you are giving it to 4 people say so you will only have to upload about 2.5-3gig for another seeder to get on board, but if you were seeding it to say 8-12 people from the start, you would have to upload about 6-7gig of data before you seen another seed.

    the superseeding option goes even further than this, i was upload a 250 meg file ticked superseeding and i only uploaded 300meg and there was 2 seeds for the file, not sure how this works, but definately a god send, especially if you have a lot f different files you want to seed.

    hope this helps a little


    PS. think of BT as a pyramid system, you will give 4 ppl 4 different bits of the file you are seeding, then they will give another 4 each 4 different bits of the file they are seeding, and so on and so forth. this means that even if there are no seeders for a file, someone can still complete it if they have over 98% of the file when the seeder left, very rare for this to happen but it has before in the past.


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