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Thread: Bittorrent

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    I am having a problem with bittorent everytime i click on a link to download something the client opens with this error message:

    problem getting responce info - [errno 2] No such file or directory 'c:\\documents and settings\\stewart\\local settings\\temporary internet files\\content i.e5\\lw236dg6\bittorent

    Does anyone know anything about this or how to fix it?

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    Probably better in the other p2p section.

    More likely top be someone there who is familiar with the intricacies of Bittorrent.

    I suppose it could mean that the tracker is down at the moment, but that could be pish.

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    Right click on the link,save target as....,select a folder to save the torrent file in.Then double click the torrent file where you saved it and it will start up as normal.


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