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Thread: PTN problem

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    For some reason i can not click on smiley or PM anyone here on FST or i would not have make thread! I upgraded to firefox 3.0 , having a issue that i kind of figured out , with opening any type of file plus lost a lot of my passwords. tried to recover ptn and read it was disabled? I did enjoy this site. DeadCell- will give you my info or any staff? I can open files but i have to clear my cache? can't PM anyone so please help e out. I will not let the person who invited me down! am very upset. No trader. I do not try to trade, do not protest against it but i personally never traded invites-accounts! So no issue there,as i said i will verify my info. Could use some advice on why upgrading to FF3.0 would affect all my internet settings?

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    I tried PMing you but I don't have the option to do so.

    PM me so I can help you.


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