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Thread: REQ Bitmetv

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    I heard that Bitmetv has some good Star Trek torrents I am trying to get all of the episodes of all the series. I am a good standing member of Bitme and What and can provide ratios and speedtests. On a sidenote if anyone it looking for vortexnetwork invites I have some as well to give away, RIP Brokenstones



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    If u want bitmetv only to download star trek , u can find it in other trackers

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    :| sad

    don't ask for bitmetv here mate!

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    Sorry I posted on the other board and I was told that Bitmetv had it thats why I asked, I am not only looking for star trek torrents the tracker just has to have at least that.

    @ovisan Scifitorrent is not open for registration and the invites are disabled as well. I didn't know I wasn't suppose to ask for them sorry

    @Aezozin What other trackers have it, I have seen them on Demonoid but the speeds are only 20-50k

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    If you really really want the files then 20 - 50 kbps shouldn't put you off, I collect DVD-R's and will happily suffer extremely poor speeds for something I want badly.

    I think that if your not prepared to accept poor speeds then you probably don't really needs the files.

    Let's face it whats worse waiting a few days for a nice DVD or going into the shops and parting with your hard earned cash.

    You know it makes sense

    Baby On The Way OMFG !

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    Sorry I was being selfish, I withdraw my request

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    don't ask here mate!


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