"Just days after the QuebecTorrent BitTorrent tracker was taken down by an injunction in a blaze of publicity, a near identical clone of the 108,000+ member tracker has appeared out of nowhere. Allegedly the product of the old team, Torrent411.com is up and running with 109,000+ members - and counting."

"Last week we reported on the final chapter of the QuebecTorrent story. After a long legal battle against 31 Canadian media organizations, the administrator decided that rather than fight and lose, it would be better not to mount a defense at all. After receiving a permanent injunction ordering the closure of the site, QuebecTorrent closed its doors for the last time having amassed an impressive 108,805 members.

Many people are drawn to BitTorrent news as it can be both exciting, confusing, intriguing and amazing all at the same time. Today we can report on a story which has all of these elements."

Source: Full Article @ TorrentFreak