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Thread: Onemx

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    I tried it a while back. I installed it half an hour later.

    Unfortunately, I never really got a chance to get into depth with it - The adware/spyware was enough If you check what OneMX installs properly, it'll show you that it installs a few URL links to "OneNet Casino". (I think I got the name right). I wasn't sure what else it put on so I uninstalled it afterwards.

    Later, I managed to find a few bits of spyware via Ad-Aware. What was interesting that there was some spyware - Most of it had the name of the accelerator optional in the setup. So if you do install OneMX, don't install the accelerator

    Alternatively - You could try WinMX Haven't heard that much bad stuff about it.

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    The screenshot is of eMule with an arrow on it .

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    lol oh ye!

    i might jus be a lamo mod


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