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Thread: Vice City Crisis

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    Firstly, I'd like to state that I have extensively searched the forum but couldn't find a resolution to this problem.

    Let me take you to the beginning of it all..
    My buddy gave me the FLT release of Vice City (both CDs) when I was running Windows XP at the start of this week. In Win XP, I would get a CRC error half-way through, so I believed that the disks were corrupt. The following day, I told my friend the story but he said the disks were fine so I took them over to his place and on his machine (also running Win XP) it installed perfectly without a single problem!

    I then thought that it's probably my machine, so I formatted my harddrive and (since I couldn't find the XP CD) did a clean install of Win ME.

    Now whenever I attempt to install Vice City I get a message at about 95% asking me to insert "Disk 2 which contains", followed by "Disk 0 which contains".

    My friend and I decided to do some tests on my DVD-ROM drive that I'm using to read VC. We found that the media he is using works fine when it has other files on it and we also tried attaching my external burner to his computer and trying to burn VC, but the same result.

    I just tried installing it to my Dad's laptop (running Win2000) to verify that the disks are still fine and Vice installed there like a breeze.

    So I surely know that the discs are not corrupted, as they work fine on other computers and are clean as a whistle.

    All this leads me to believe that there is a problem with my DVD-ROM drive (NEC DV5700A, although it has never failed on me before), so I've tried downloading and installing drivers and firmare updates from the web, but the same thing happens! It surely isn't the drive's laser because, like I previously stated, we've tried using the same brand of media with different contents and that works fine. We've also tried using both DMA on and DMA off.

    Once it asks me for the second disc, the C:\Program Files\Rockstar\Grand Theft Auto Vice City folder is about 700mbs, which I'm guessing is all the files from CD1. When it asks for CD2, as soon as I click okay it instantly asks for Disk 0.

    Anybody know how to overcome this problem? I really wanna play Vice!

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    Well as for what the problem isw I am clueless, but a reslolution could be.. to copy all of the files from both CD's onto your HD. Install from there, see if that works.

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    had the same exact prob. only i had to redl teh 1st disc. read my pm and u'll find out how. if that doesn't owrk, just redl the disc. or dl it from with bittorrent. it works


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