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Thread: Adding Converted Bad Ips To Zone Alarm?

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    Can someone please tell me how do i add the converted ip addresses to the XML file in ZA?

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    finalized zapro 4 xml instructions:

    if you don't have xmlspy dl

    you're going to want to click settings> folder options> view and uncheck hide file extensions for known file types-
    the reason is that you'll be changing xml files to text and vice versa (easy- just rename with .txt instead of .xml etc)

    1. First you need to backup your current zone alarm settings, which will create a file in the xml format.
    To do this, go to: Overview=> Preferences=> and click the backup button. Call the file backup.
    the file will now be saved as Ďbackup.xmlí in the location where you saved it, by default it saves in my documents.

    2. Copy the zone alarm pro xml dump from this site.
    Here is the link: (it is up to date and includes the thumbs up ranges)

    3. Then copy the list from the above link and then go to this site: and click on Security Blocklist Converter . select convert from: zone alarm to zone alarm.
    It will organize the information in a such a way that its easier to see where to remove the unwanted stuff,
    but that comes later on.

    4. Then open your backup.xml in notepad. Browse the file and you should come to point where it looks like this:

    <file extension="MHT" active="true" description="Web Archive File"/>
    <outboundMail ompEnabled="true" mailEnabled="true" maxMailSent="5" recipientEnabled="true" maxRecipients="50" interval="2" senderEnabled="false" authorizedSenders="******@***.com"/>
    <groups> </groups> <rules>
    <execute action="drop"/>


    <trusted clearOldEntries="true" defaultNetworkStatus="ask" defaultAdapterMode="off">
    <restricted clearOldEntries="true" defaultNetworkStatus="ask" defaultAdapterMode="off">
    &#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;PASTE THE FILE FROM BLUETACK HERE&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;
    (please note you may already have ips listed here so just paste the data after the last ip entry

    5. Then paste the zone alarm pro dump from the site after its been converted
    (important note- only copy and paste the ip data and NOT the following:
    before: <zones><restricted clearOldEntries="false" defaultNetworkStatus="ask" defaultAdapterMode="off">
    and after: </restricted></zones>
    and paste it under the highlighted area.

    6. Now save it and close it. And open it in XMLSPY. (there&#39;s no need to grant internet access to this program for this)

    7. Xmlspy will now tell you that the file is not well formed. the cursor will be in front of the first character that needs to be deleted, simply erase the > and then click recheck- you&#39;ll have to remove several > characters, then you come to C&D and you just delete the & and click recheck...move on to more > and the you come to Audifon Chat & Play- here you need to hit backspace twice- erasing the & and one it says ok you you need to save- pick a name that you&#39;ll know it&#39;s for the final restore- like finalxmlready

    8. Everything should be good now. (To be on the safe side turn off your modem when you&#39;re changing your firewall settings) just save it and go to: overview=>preferences=>and click the restore button in the zone alarm firewall. Load the file finalxmlready.xml and it should open a box saying loading, once its complete It should say that there were no problems. Now you need to check if thatís true, by going to the firewall=>zone section where all the rules should appear.

    credits to thunderrooster from, dr pepper from meth&#39;s pg site, and me (ddd) (finishing touches on it to be question proof lol)


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