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Thread: What do u look for in a tracker?

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    Ok a lot of time Ive not opened a thread here...
    And as I havent seen anywhere this quest.
    What do u look for in a tracker?
    Pre times
    or anyother weird thing?

    By the way for me all it matters is 1. Content 2. Speeds

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    Staff and members combined to = Community who have some similar tastes to what I am looking for and can relate and react to their user membership.

    Content = to quality user uploads, they are much more interesting than scene.

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    Organization is a big deal for me.

    It doesn't matter if you have the best content on a tracker if it is too hard to find it. Good Search and Browse functionality, clean look, and useful categories can really help a tracker stand out. Some good sites in this category are x264 and What?.

    Community is also important ( I know, right?)

    I don't mean stupid forum games, though. I'm talking about having a user base that leaves useful comments on torrents, fills requests, and helps each other out. Good sites in this category are BCG and Cinemageddon.

    And of course Content and Quality Control matter too. Speed and Pre-times are not so valuable to me. I guess I am patient.

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    content. most of the trackers i'm interested in focus on one specific type of content.

    the second is self sustainability. there should be enough active users to be able to seed to 1.0 or above in a reasonable amount of time.

    speeds would be third.

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    Tracker activity (torrents, forums, etc.)

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    I look for friendly staff who don't have some sort of god-complex I like to be in a community where I can relate to the other members and just plain old have fun with them. I look for a tracker that isn't incredibly hard to seed on. I don't particularly care about pre-times; I don't care how many extra seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years one tracker gets something compared to another. I like packs and user uploads too; you never know what other users may think of, and what you'll find from other members.

    I am a exsellent speller and I use grammer very good.

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    How convenient it is to browse the site ( torrents, forums, etc... ), how clean the site looks.

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    Very variable in my case.
    The first thing is that I feel comfortable... Sometimes I canīt say why I feel well or bad in one site, but I think I get this feeling from different sources: staff mainly... design, security, content, possibility of meeting all the site requirements, the community thing, etc, etc. Then, of those I have one tracker for each thing... In one I am very participative in forums, in other I download TV series, in other DVDr, in other rare stuff, etc.
    But a requirement sine qua non is that I feel good, no stressed, no scared, no nothing but just happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markupmaster View Post
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