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Thread: Postal 2

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    after playing postal 2 for a lil bit i get an error saying

    "If you don't have DirectX 8.1b or later installed then please install it now. Otherwise, check the Postal 2 Tech Support site for more information."

    i got this error after i installed the patch(1337 i think), before that i got the one that said i triggered a error of the directx8.1 ect..

    i went to their site and tried everything in the list and nothin seems to work, now when i load my game i get that error, i tried the openGL thing but it doesnt seem to wanna work....i really like this game and i dont kno wat to do? anyone kno??


    amd athlon 2200 xp
    512mb memory
    64mb ati radeon 320m
    30gig hdd

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    did you try dx 9b. if not try to reinstall your videocard driver, then make sure you uninstall completely, not just the automatic, select custom and clear all.

    I had the same, but I used a patch on a cracked game, so maybe a little different for you.

    But I did that and no probs now. BTW game kicks ass Huh?

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    ya it does, everything is so interactive and this one has a point to it

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