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Thread: The quest for a tracker

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    It all started back in 2004, my friend told me about a new way of downloading. He directed me to The Piratebay's homepage and I was confused. I was normally used to Direct Connect so downloading like this (the bittorrent protocol) felt very odd. But it was not until I met another friend, a few weeks later, who kind of reintroduced me to it. Then I finally understood the meaning of it. Piratebay along with Suprnova would come to be my home for the following months, untill the 5th of January 2005. Thats the date when I became a member of Torrentbytes, my first private tracker! Guess if I was happy.

    Now 184 weeks later, I'm on the lookout for a new community. From what I have heard, FTN seems to be the right tracker for me. I've also heard it's one of the hardest to join. However, I am very patient. I waited 184 weeks so I might aswell wait another 184.

    Adam L.

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    you waited 184 weeks i think you deserv it

    nontrader only

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    still diff the only way to FTN is to make friends here

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    wait more 184 weeks Just jonking
    I wish you success You surely deserve it if your story is true :clap2:

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    Actually, torrentleech sounds like what you're looking for

    Good Luck in any event, and I hope you hang around for a while, read, learn, and participate in the forums

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    Good luck..

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    good luck on getting in!...if ur story's true, i certainly hope u do get in!

    having said that...i too along with many others am looking for the site (tbh i have a pretty good chance too...i won't go into how tho)...but still even if i get one now...i'd prolly give it to u as long as u cld justify ur story to me somehow

    p.s. IF i get an invite that is...which is very unlikely atm

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    Do we have to pretend this lame story is actually going to get this n00b FTN?, unlike everyone else.How many times has this sh*t been tried?.

    Just aim lower and quit wasting threads.

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    Yeah TL and S*C anr both leaps and bounds better than F*N, hell TB is just as good, oh and as far as you that community bullshit, there isn't any on any of these that I have mentioned.

    Good luck I guess anyway
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    Go Leafs Go.

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    I missed the story about the quest.

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