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Thread: A Hash Database, Will Be Better Then Sharereactor

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    Well then, i am developing a new web site. It will be similar to sharereactor but for Kazaa. I need help filling in the database with files. So im looking for some peeps willing to give some time to the cause and add there files to the database. It will require you to enter in a bit of info per file. Any one interested?

    BTW the site is located at

    This is a temp site for now, but it should be able to handle mild trafic.

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    nice site

    i wudnt mind adding a few

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    yea i wud add sum movies 2 , but wud i get sum recognition...

    I want sum Recognition

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    lol and i still want a cookie

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    lol and i still want a cookie
    and mayb a milkshake

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    lol a cookie flavoured milkshake

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    Better than ShareReactor ? You gotta be kidding... most of their hashes come from the forum which has a whole lot of people... like this forum (even bigger)... but your site just leads to this forum...

    Anyway, sure, i can add some hashes.

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    Nice. But won't be better than sharereactor u just started they have been going and continue to have more stuff and the best thing with sharereactor is that whatever file u want u will get because there is always sources.

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    shame about the slow server on sharereactor though

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    i am willing to help. PM me.

    will you try to keep filenames in a similar format to sharereactor?
    (eg as they were origionally released, but with your site at the end: tdi-lotr2-cd1.kazaadownloads.bin)

    btw you do NEED a forum. people post files on forum. people verify and spread them. they are moved to the mainpage.


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