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Thread: 3d Accelerator S/w

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    Is there a 3d accelerator s/w to play 3d games even if u don't have a 3d accelerator card?Directx 9 is only a slight improvement.
    Also, where can i have nfs3. I have searched kazaa, but in vain.

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    any idea?

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    Only in a Processor.
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    i don't think you'll have any luck...because most of the games i have played, or dled, had to have a version of Microsoft directx. So Microsoft has most of the game makers like their little b*tch.
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    you need to buy a 3D video card. almost without question.

    some 3D games have a "software" mode which puts the entire burden of rendering the game on the CPU, but even with an extremely fast CPU the speed and image quality will usually be pretty poor.


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