"Last month, the prominent Malaysian ISP “Shinjiru” had shut down several torrent sites, following pressure from the government. Strangely enough, after a few days of downtime some of the sites started to reappear, like nothing had happened. However, those sites who did not leave, are now being tapped."

" "Just when things seemed to cool down in Malaysia, we received a rather disturbing email from one of the sysops of tbkresources.org. The sysop told us that, after a few days of downtime, the server was suddenly up again. "After further inquiries with Shinjiru’s billing and abuse department we were assured that “the coast was clear," he said.

This turned out to be a false sense of security though, as the sysop explained. "Two days ago we discovered that an external disk was suddenly mounted on our box (in a quite clumsy way, I might add) 24/7 support didn’t know shit about it, until 2 hours ago when a senior admin confirmed that this disk was attached by their legal department and out of their hands." "

Source: Full Article @ TorrentFreak