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Thread: Is there a problem with demonoid?

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    I have been a member in good standing on demonoid for some years. I logged in OK last week to browse some Mac files but didn't download or upload anything since my DSL company put us on the wrong speed plan and we were waiting for them to upgrade us and correct the problem. Just now I went to login and I am experiencing the login of death. It just won't go. I cleared my cookies, exited the browser, tried with IE after Firefox, etc... I was able to get the email resetting my password without a problem so I know I am still in the database. Even the new password isn't working. Any ideas please?

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    Hmm well, it's working perfectly for me.

    Demonoid isn't that hard to get, if you need a new invite or help, feel free to PM me.

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    Wait a minute, what was that...

    Quote Originally Posted by kiyasmom View Post
    "I am experiencing the login of death"

    Quote Originally Posted by Batman's PR Guru

    "Batman this is commisioner Gordon, the city is under attack, it's that f*ckin Logon of Death again............ Click

    Quick Robin to the Batmobile..."

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    Baby On The Way OMFG !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostbusters View Post
    F is for FAILED !
    hmm not nice!


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