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Thread: Rpg Maker 2003

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    Jul 2003
    Man, West Virginia
    Everytime I goto preview the midis in the database or play the game, they won't play at all. Exept for the midis that start with SE. But all the click sounds and sound effects work. I tried downloading different installs and downloaded directx 9.0 and everything. Can someone plz help me!

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    Apr 2003
    i had 2000, the prog sucked ass&#33;&#33; :x >_<
    it crashed all the time, and the came it made was 2 dame simple. u can&#39;t add anything to it. stupid waste of time. i did play the rpg that my friend made, that was ok, cuz he got extra skins. i couldn&#39;t&#33;&#33; oh, well, rpgs arnt my thing really. i&#39;m more action, go in and kill everyone type.


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