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Thread: Windows

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    Apr 2003
    hey people...
    well I am having a problem wif a computer..Actaully it is my frens...

    well he has windows 95 and there was this error tat this config.sys(file) is missing or corrupted and there is an error in the line or something...
    and file and is missing...

    But I mada a bootable disk and still have the same problem..and the thing is stuck in MSDOS....

    And I think I have to reinstall the windows??
    However I do not have windows 95 cd but have Xp and 98...Can I use tat to reinstall the computer??

    And also,the windows 98 tat i have is download from kazaa and is in a bootable disk.........Like in a diskeett..No in a cd...

    I do hope some1 wld help asap..
    kINda importany...
    Thank u very much/..

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    well dun try using win98 2 reinstall 95.......... no way thats gonna work......... LoL

    newayz.......... wot i found out with 98: installing every 2 months is a must 2 keep the blue screen of death at bay............ windows has so many errors, that its inevitable that ull have 2 reinstall every 1ce in a while......

    but bout that error........ have u tried running scandisk??? maybe its a hardware problem thats causin config.sys 2 work impropperly........
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    boot with start disk, type c: cd windows then scanreg/fix windows should then restore a good registry if you got 1 or try taking out hard drive and sticking it in another pc as a slave and do dskchk or scandisk on drive or very least get any files off it that are important and then stick it back in original pc and re install windows.......xp would be the prefered......but if you like blue screens then put 98 or 95 on....or for even more unreliablity stick on windows ME lol

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    Apr 2003
    well now my crdrom is not working..

    is there a way to to an windows 95 installation from a diskette???

    how do i do tat


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