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Thread: "Level 5" Giveaway

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    integral's Avatar No surprises. BT Rep: +4
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    Jun 2008
    So, I have about some spare invites on a few unnamed trackers, and I've decided to give one of them out in a giveaway here. Here are the requirements:

    You must make a post in this thread answering the following questions:
    1) What country are you from?
    2) What other trackers are you a member of?
    3) What do you download the most? (Music, movies, TV etc.)
    4) Why do you use private torrent trackers?
    5) Name at least 3 "Level 5" trackers you wish to be a member of, and why you want to join them.

    An example:

    1) I am from the USA!
    2) Demonoid, Bitsoup, TL
    3) I download music the most.
    4) For the community, security, and quality.
    4) BMTV - I love full series.
    ScT - I want the fastest 0-day access!
    Elektronik - I want good house music!

    That's just an example guideline, and it should be more detailed if you want to be considered.

    Again, not everyone will receive an invite, and I will remember all the good posts/users for a next giveaway. A few rules:

    NO PMs!!!! Make all your requests here, in public, in this thread.

    • For now, no traders of any sort will be considered. I will be looking through past threads/posts of anyone requesting, and if you are found asking for a trade, or requesting a trade, you will be skipped.

    • You won't receive an invitation to any tracker without me PMing you for an interview first. This will most likely be conducted via PM.

    • You must be willing to share your profile links on trackers that I ask you for. This is done to see if you're a decent member elsewhere and deserving of an invitation. Again, if you are unwilling to show me profile links, do not make a request here.

    That's it for now. This thread might not get a lot of posts, but that makes the odds favorable for the people who are requesting!
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    they didn't built Rome in one day

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    Ali-g's Avatar Joker BT Rep: +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19
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    Aug 2007
    Jessica Alba's house
    1. Albania, Europe

    2. BM, BMTV, BCG, RevTT, KG, Demonoid

    3. Music, Movies, TV, Games then Ebooks

    4. Private trackers are cool fun and safe. your not alone anymore, you are part of a community, see people like u and try to help them or be helped its superb : )

    5. Elektronik (I love House, Trance Techno)
    ScT (As stated above after music I DL 0-day)
    Bitmetv (Im currently in)

    PS: I usually use 1 tracker for each content, and if I get an invite to a tracker I want/like I will surely keep it safe and active : )
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    The Chase is Better than the Catch

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    h1ronakamura's Avatar Yatta! BT Rep: +5
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    May 2008
    Hawaiian Islands
    Awesome GA integral, i will try my luck:

    1) I am from Slovakia
    2) ScT, RevTT, TL, TTi, TDC, KG, ST, TB, SCC, iPwn
    3) I download mostly movies, also tv shows, and sometimes music but definitely movies the most
    4)The most important thing is of course security, then speed, and also the quality i don't have to be afraid of virus worms etc.
    5) ITS- i like that they don't use ratio also i have heard only the best things about this awesome tracker
    BMTV- well this is my dream tracker now, i watch a lot of tv shows like lost, prison break, supernatural, family guy, the simpsons, heroes etc. and by BMTV is the best thing that you can find also the old stuff there
    Elektronik- i love electro music and that's why i would also love to get this invite

    I hope I impressed you :

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    Poster BT Rep: +15BT Rep +15BT Rep +15
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    Jun 2006
    2)revo, tl,, bmtv.
    3)docos, tv, movies.
    4)in the case of bitme to be in a group of like minded ppl looking to improve knowledge. quality and community are a part of it aswell.
    5)im trying to get in sct; speed, quality packs, knowledgeable users/community, and security.
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    Poster BT Rep: +24BT Rep +24BT Rep +24BT Rep +24BT Rep +24
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    May 2007
    1) I am from the Poland!
    2)PT, HT, TL, TT ,RevTT , TG , SCL , IPWn
    3) I download music ( house and trance ) and xvid films the most.
    4) For the community, and quality.

    Elektronik - I want good house and trance music!
    dawaj zapa bo w morde kmiocie - ( thanks anyway for good givaway )

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    Boutros's Avatar Poser BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    Mar 2008
    I'll give it a shot...

    1) I'm from Australia

    2) Demonoid, BCG, TL, TD, Torrentbytes,, IPT, ST, STM,

    3) I download mostly games followed by music then tv shows/movies!

    4) I agree with what Ali-G said, you become apart of a community where you form friendships and look out for one another by giving back quality releases to the community - reliability, security and speed are direct results from forming this community.

    5) You pretty much summed it up , but in order I would prefer BMTV, Elektronik then SCT.

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    cacha73's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +90BT Rep +90BT Rep +90BT Rep +90BT Rep +90BT Rep +90BT Rep +90BT Rep +90BT Rep +90BT Rep +90BT Rep +90BT Rep +90BT Rep +90BT Rep +90BT Rep +90BT Rep +90BT Rep +90BT Rep +90
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    Mar 2008
    Entre Rios
    Nice give away mate, good luck to all

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    BANNED BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    Sep 2006
    1)Portugal ftw!
    2)filelist torrentbytes demonoid pisexy asiandvdclub bitgamer undergroundgamer
    3)usually games and movies
    4)they are safer and faster, altough it's hard to join those with good content
    5)bmtv, i'm sure i will find my tvseries stockpile there, i would'nt use any other level 5 tracker, neither the "infamous" sct, i find my 0day sources good enough..

    let me ask you why do you want all this details?

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    robi92's Avatar DISABLED PRIVS BT Rep: +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95BT Rep +95
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    May 2008
    great great Giveaway:

    You must make a post in this thread answering the following questions:
    1) United Kingdom
    2) Tl,Sct,Revtt,TTi,İplay,Bitmetv,Scc,Waffles,Ethor,Hdbits,Bithumen,M-vid,BCG,what,
    3) always tv shows and movies
    4) because of speed.. and friendly forums ..
    Elektronik: im mostly listening house and electro.. im listening some djs can say them in pm...
    Norbits: if you have, im big fan of dvds i got over 250 dvd films ...
    p.s: have seedbox ratio ever never problem for me
    PolishTracker: i dont know polish but its easy to understand imo... and it has great speed and fast tracker so why i want ..
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    atamo's Avatar seed forever BT Rep: +23BT Rep +23BT Rep +23BT Rep +23BT Rep +23
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    May 2008
    what is this interrogation?????????
    Are you not else good jobb?//
    f*ck your 5triumph
    eventually don't you wish my CV
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