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Thread: Giveaway - Filelist

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    I'm giving away my account at filelist. I dont use it so, i'm giving it to someone who will.

    Just tell me why do you want it.

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    i heard its a very good tracker with good release and good pre time hope u pick me im dying to get into that site for a while now i heard it has plenty of release but usually very high speed
    i can show stats and speedtest if its required
    good luck to everyone
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    If what y're givin is then I ll sign up for the giveaway mate.
    The reason I ve joined FST was
    A few years ago when some1 invited me 2 DE I asked him if I can give him something back, he answered: Since then this was my dream tracker, prob not bcoz of the content or comunity, which I know nothing about. Every day I was dreamind of beeing part of this tracker. I know there is no invite sistem so I ll only b able to get an account
    Anyway, I got a few high lvl trackers and some1 else asks for yre acc give it to him cuz I am stuck with wot I already have

    Good day, tnx 4 reading all my bullshits

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    FL does not have huge content because of the 28 day TTL system there . but it has excellent speed on popular torrents.....


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