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Thread: power iso !!!

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    hello guy's !

    here's jabri ...can any body let me know that how to build the ISO of files from my hardisk ?

    exactly the thing is i'm having some songs of around 120mb in size so i want to make an iso image of that.... i've heared dat it could be done using power iso ... but i don't know the procedure for that if some 1 could help me here !
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    i think you can just add whatever files in the main window of ultra/power iso and then just save as .iso. unless ive missed something?

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    First off Jabri you don't want Poweriso, its one of those programs that creates its own format (.daa) and will not let other iso creaters read it, which forces (they hope) people to buy their software to read their files. Any company that would stoop to that kind of tactic is a piece of crap to me.

    Instead you want Ultraiso, it reads all kinds of iso formats except poweriso and magiciso (which will not allow them to read their files).

    Now on making your image, you need to realize that an iso image is supposed to be an exact image of a disk. If you have a bunch of mp3's on your hard drive and you put them all in an iso image it will not play like an audio cd would. It would just be a collection of music files inside an iso package and thats all.

    Iso's are usually used in this fashion, you have an install disk and want to make copy's for your friends. First converting the install disk to an iso would allow you to burn the iso to as many disks as you wanted to pass out, and later use that same iso to burn more disks for other friends.

    To make a disk that you can play your music from what you want is a converter that will convert the audio files into cd or dvd compatible files that will play when inserted into the drive. Easy CD-DA Extractor is the kind of software you may be looking for. It will take CD-DA files of a store bought record and convert them to mp3 or flac and put them on your hard drive, or it will take the files from the hard drive, convert them back to CD-DA and put them on a disk to play.
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    hey appza... can i make a iso image of 1 of my game which i've installed on my pc but it's cd got scratched & i want to built a new disk for future installation's ! so ; if i can make a disk from power iso or magic iso how should i plz let me have it's procedure !
    thanxz mate !

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    No, not really, it will never be an install disk like the original. And get off this ISO kick, I explained that an iso is a mirror image of a dvd or cd rom disk. If you want to try an experiment, copy the games directory (C > Program Files > Game maker > Game name) in this case the Game name folder to a rewriteable disk (cd or dvd-rw) and try to put it on another PC and play it from its startup.exe file. You will have to use a nocd fix inplace of the original startup.exe file for it to have any chance of working. But if it does you will have your backup copy.

    You can get nocd fixed exe files for your specific version of the game from or (www of course).

    Oh! and if you like having friends, get rid of those poweriso and magiciso programs, they really suck out loud.
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    You can use tons of software to make .ISO files. I've used MagicISO for all my needs and it has served me well

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    MagicISO is another one of those proprietary pieces of junk that makes files only MagicISO is allowed to read. Its great for leechers who never share anything, but I certainly would not want to download a .UIF image.

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    Well I have UltraIso installed. Version 8.6.6 (probably old)

    I opened it and just threw a bunch of folders in and click file --> save as and it will let me save to standard iso, bin/cue, nero image etc...

    So UltraIso should do what you want to do I guess. I know I can use it to edit images, like if I want to inject some files to a image.


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