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Thread: Is This Good?

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    The P2P Program Ares Or Something Is It Good And ow Does It Compare To Others

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    it's not too bad, it has decentralized chat, and a built in webserver, and it looks and feels alot like kazaa (without all the users) it's worth checking out.

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    hey guys,

    yes, I tried many different clients after audiogalaxy was closed :( in order to find
    a similar fast one: what I found out is, that Kaza, especially Klite K++ is the
    fastest one at the moment and if the developement continues, means every
    programmer which could add a part and if it is small to make Kazaa more faster
    and smaller like audiogalaxy before, this would be fine :)

    nothing against other p2p programs, cause at the closing of ag I first used Imesh
    and original Kazaa - original Kazaa was really SLOW then - I also tried SoulSeek, and for hard to find music it is quite a good solution, cause there are many
    people there :) - oh shit I forget what I wanted to write ... I will think about, probably it came back in my mind, but: finally I used Kazaa Lite K++ after Imesh could not be installed on my pc :(

    When I tried Ares, it was slow at starting, but probably the latest version faster, I do not know :( but if you want to find something and share with as many as possible Users something you have to go p2p like IMesh, Kazaa or SOulsseek where many people are :) - I still hope Audiogalaxy would be reopened :)

    What also would be good is, that another p2p client - much more smaller like ag
    - would be developed which connects to fasttrack :) as well :) or that r.nut would make Kazaa smaller and faster, means now it is really faster than once :)

    thanks anyway, david.


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