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Thread: boot disk for ghost ?

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    hello sharez !

    i'm having problem using norton ghost that i've downloaded version 2003 ; but the problem is i've tried many way's of building bootable ghost disk so i thought some 1 could help me here !

    so, my heartly request is dat please sjjest me through simple guide or tutorial .. by the way i don't posess floppy drive the big thing on my PC ...

    thanx in advance 2 u all !

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    Think that the version you have will do floppies and thats it.
    Suggest you try Acronis True Image for cd options...

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    That's a bit mean. Replying helpfully and disabling him at the same time.

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    Get a Win98/Win98SE/WinME disk image from (about halfway down the page).
    Extract the image and use this as your boot image for creating a bootable CD. Add the utilities you need to the contents of the CD. For Ghost you just need and Ghost.exe, but if there are any other DOS based utilities you think you may need add them too. Burn your CD.

    You now have a bootable CD with a DOS image, and the utilities you need will be on the CD, which is installed as drive R.

    Once booted, switch to the R drive, type "Mouse" to load the mouse driver and type "Ghost" to launch Ghost.

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    thanx lynx for ur response ! let me tell u i've successfully burnt the cd & when i'm booting from it the dos sending me here :-


    wat should i type it here in order to compile ghost ! first should i need to instal ghost on my pc !


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