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Thread: hey hi support

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    hi im here for the next someone scamed my FST acc and msn acc and he send 2 threads nad he try to scamed other persons im not a member of level s that ...inmediately recover my fst acc and now all person who r talkin with him dont trust ok .....

    im here for apologize and tell with my fst acc its good now sorry ....thanks and advance ...

    take care ...cya

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    Hmmm...i've a feeling we need the decoder for this one :|

    Anyhow, are you saying your account has been hacked? If so then there is pretty much no chance of getting it back unfortunately. Sorry bud!

    EDIT: Ahh after reading your other thread you've now got your account back, good stuff
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    but do you have anything to ask to mods or what?


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