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Thread: Media Player Classic Home Theator EVA/AVIVO Question!

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    ok, i spent ages looking for a AVIVO solution for x264's, no program was having any of it. Cyberlink h264 avi decoder wasnt even working.

    Then i found MPC-HT with EVA and x264 DXVA support! and i finally got it all working.

    I just played a XVID, and realised it was also working through AVIVO! but DXVA is turned off for xvid as shown in properties, yet it was still working! and I just cant understand why. Obviously its a good thing it was working but i REALLLLY want to know why.

    Can any one explain?


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    try using KM media player

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    If it is now working this suggests that either something is turning the DXVA hardware decoding on or, more likely, that installing MPC-HT has set up the codecs to perform software decoding.

    The end user software (in this case MPC-HT) doesn't care how the data stream gets decoded as long as it gets decoded.

    If you want a basic idea of what's going on, try using Gspot. You should be able to work out how your xvid clips are being decoded.
    For a more comprehensive picture, you can use GraphEdit, but it is a lot harder to use.
    You can get them both with the Klite Codec Pack
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