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Thread: Fake Files

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    I downloaded terminator3.avi from Kazaa and have been trying to play on soooo many players just to find that there is nothing in this file. When tried with DivX player it says that it is in FOURCC "code0" format and needs the new codecs to play. These codecs are not available anywhere.

    These types of fake downloads will definitely drive the will of sharing away from the users and is not good for the community.

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    Use AVi Preview to check out your files when downloading. With it you can verify that it is the correct movie and it can save you a lot of time and angry feelings.

    Greetz, D!mensio_x.

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    Always..Always use AviPreview to check ya Movie downloads from Kazaa (its saves a lot of tears..i've been there m8!!&#33 If the movie u said had just the filename 'terminator3.avi' that normally should get alarm bells ringin' so early after its cinema release..I'm not saying this as gospel..but real files normally go for longer filenames and most come in to parts (e.g.terminator3(ctp)divx.daduck) and so on and so on...those short filenames are always a little wiffy!!!

    Another piece of advice m8 with AviPreview is to always Pause ya download..Copy and paste that file (eg 43524546346.dat) to say ya Desktop..then use AviPreview on that file jus' stops your original file getting corrupted everytime u check it!!!

    **Or use Bittorrent instead!!!
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    You should have just downloaded a hash of the movie and quit downloading all that other stuff and u wouldn't have to worry about that

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    some people have to learn some things the hard way.

    but i bet if you were a 56k'er (i am), you would avipreviewed it!!!

    better luck next time! and remember to preview it!

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    well i am also a victim of that and i learnt the hard way, we sould share in paz!!! hasta luego


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