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Thread: Looking for Dump MP3 FTP axx

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    Hi ;
    First, sorry for my english so bad...

    I'm also looking for a dump MP3 Ftp 0day ; there is more 10 years ago that i am in electronic music, and i have already had some axxs on some servers, since several years.
    So now, i want to have an axx again.

    I had always nearly the same axx :
    - Unlimited leech (but 200 GB monthly it's enough for me)
    - bandwitch : 2 mega minimum
    - security : auth ssl
    - on MP3 section : 250 / 300 releases daily (updated every about five minutes).

    I want to have absolutly house / techno / electro releases, but i want also others kinds of music !! (Soul ; Jazz ; Reggae ; Funk...)

    For the price, give me some propositions and i will see...

    I'm a nOOb on this site ; so i dont have access at the PM ; give me your proposition by mail (normaly, u can see it ; if it's not the case, replie here and i will give my mail)


    -- KoPa --
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    check my mail..

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    Same, please PM

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    please could u pm me too please i would like axx to an 0day ftp

    i am willing to pay
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffsteez View Post
    Same, please PM
    I dont have axx at PM (i'm a nOOb on this site) ; so send me a mail
    But u have an axx or u are looking for one ?

    EDIT : This thread can be closed
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