I essentially need help with doing the following.
I have an Excel file where in cells A1:An there is a weblink in each (and nothing else in the file). What I need is a macro or a script that would sequentially open each link and then perform two clicks which would lead to a download.
Essentially the script would need to do the following:

1. Open link in A1.
2. On the page that results search for the button labeled and titled "String1" and press it.
3. This in turn would open a new page in a new window. On This page, search for the button named "String2" and press it. This will automatically start the download of the file on the disk, in a folder configured in Firefox.

4. After of interval of t, open link in A2 and keep doing the same thing until hitting an empty cell cell (cell An+1).

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you very much